Alden Torch Financial

Alden Torch Financial needed a space with greater longevity. Rapid growth at the multifamily investment firm also meant they were bursting at the seams. They needed to expand, but also wanted to encourage connectivity between all personnel. Elsy’s solution was to cut a hole in the floor and add beautiful steel and glass staircase to connect the 14th and 15th floors. Above the staircase, Elsy designed a custom wood millwork installation featuring a unique diamond pattern layered with different woods. The design and woodwork lend a high-end feel and warmth to the space. The centralized staircase also provides a natural space for all-hands meetings. Next to the staircase, a breakroom doubles as collaborative area and impromptu meeting space. Now Alden Torch Financial’s space not only matches their personality, it is also highly functional and has the ability to grow with them over time.

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