When designing unique and memorable spaces, the Elsy team knows the importance of creating environments that appeal to all senses. While sight and touch may be the first senses that come to mind when thinking about interior design, sound is equally important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Interior Design for Acoustic Privacy | Elsy StudiosAcoustics play a big role in setting the mood in a space. The Inspirato Member Lounge is a great example of the impact acoustics can have on crafting the desired experience. One of the goals for this space was to create an intimate and cozy place for conversation. We designed several conversation clusters within the 2,600-square-foot space.

Acoustical privacy is imperative for Inspirato’s members, therefore sound dampening features became essential. We used warm wood flooring and created soft, cushioned areas with textured upholstery to help absorb sound. Full-height banquettes further reduce noise overflow between conversation spaces as do the fluffy piles of pillows available for lounging on the banquettes. Velvet-flocked pendant lights add to the warm feeling of the space and also contribute to noise reduction.

Focus on FinishesCeiling Acoustic Panels in Interior Design Elsy Studios

Often commercial-grade materials for corporate offices are colder, hard materials like porcelain, glass tile and quartz. When designing law firm Merchant & Gould’s new office space, we sought to create a contemporary design while still capturing the warmth of a residential living room.

When approaching the design, it was important that the space not only look warm, but also muffle sound. Anticipating that the contemporary glass and tile in the elevator lobby would create an unwelcome echo, we devised a creative solution to mitigate the effect.

Ceiling screens in the elevator lobby and boardroom add design interest and texture, while also discreetly concealing acoustical panels, rendering them virtually undetectable. Other noise reducing elements are incorporated throughout the space. In a video conferencing room, for example, acoustical wall panels and an upholstered banquette create a quiet environment, containing noise to the room and blocking external sound. We also cleverly utilized lighting fixtures to dampen sound, including a large-scale pendant light that is suspended over a seating area, creating a more intimate feel in the space.

Designing for Office Acoustics by Elsy StudiosFor NetApp’s offices, we applied our noise suppression skills in one of the most challenging environments: the open office floorplan. Our Elsy team designed a connecting staircase that joins the second and third floors of the space both visually and functionally, which presented acoustical challenges. As a result, sound-masking systems are integrated across the entire space. Since the large area at the bottom of the stairs is used for presentations and events, we added acoustical panels in the ceiling that are staggered at different heights to absorb maximum sound. We added carpet to the bleachers and soft pillows to help lessen reverberation. We also strategically located the speakers to point away from the opening at the stairs.

From creating an intimate environment for an après ski chat with friends to a home-like office space and a productive open-office environment, the right acoustics were essential to the success of these projects. Next time you find yourself loving the vibe in a space, take a minute to ask yourself what elements are creating your connection. We’re willing to bet acoustics play a role!