Last week, we introduced you to Elsy Studios Associate Brie Bane. This week, we’re sharing her top six tips for successful design. Brie loves to play with textures, shapes and boundaries! Currently her favorite design features and trends are layering rugs, geometric shapes, using mixed metals, creating quiet touchdown spaces, and installing live walls in spaces.

Brie’s Top Six Workplace Design Tips:

  1. Incorporate quiet spaces. When transforming a space to an open office plan, incorporate enough quiet/huddle spaces for all employees to use for phone calls, small meetings, or to read and recharge.
  2. Remember the storage. Companies often fail to plan for growth when they’re thinking about how much storage space they need. Make sure you plan for enough counter space and storage to accommodate your needs now and a little ways down the line.
  3. Know your client. A successful office design isn’t about adding the flashiest features. It’s so much more important to listen to the client and determine how the employees of the company work. That is the key to planning and executing a great space.
  4. Mix materials. A great design incorporates a balanced mix of materials, colors and textures. It gives depth to spaces.
  5. Push the boundaries. Get everything you can on the plans and into the budget. It is easier to cut back then to add back in. Try to (gently) challenge your client to leave their residential comfort zone and consider new options for a productive, but also enjoyable office space.
  6. Keep learning. Our industry is constantly changing and evolving. As design professionals, we need to stay up to date on current trends, safety and education. Keep up those studies!