We recently introduced you to Project Manager Carmen Schechinger. Now we’d love to share some of her top design tips with you!

Right now, Carmen loves the different shapes and sizes of materials that are coming out because they allow you to be creative with installation. It’s not just the standard square carpet and tile. Just recently, for example, she designed an office with a herringbone carpet installation that was black with pops of purple!

Carmen’s Top Five Design Tips: 

  1. Visualize it. Visualize yourself in the space. Does it make you happy? Would you go back because of the environment?
  2. Blend it. Blend textures and sheens of materials – we’ve had a lot of fun lately mixing metals and using rough materials juxtaposed with a glossy backdrop. Varying the texture of materials keeps the project dynamic and interesting throughout.
  3. Repeat details. In order to make the whole space feel cohesive, pick one good detail to help you transition materials and repeat it throughout the space. This is what separates a mediocre project from an excellent project.
  4. Look up. Lighting and ceiling design matters. Lighting is important to highlight design features and to make a statement. The ceiling plane is sometimes forgotten, but in hindsight, it is the most important plane because it is one of the largest. Putting an element of design onto the ceiling completes the whole space.
  5. Work/Life Balance. Find a job you love and you won’t work a day in your life. I love that moment when you’ve completed a project and the client moves in and is thrilled with their space. It gives me the extra motivation and confidence boost to keep designing great, creative spaces.