Earth Day Inspired Interior Design

Look Outside for Inspiration Inside

Earth Day is a good reminder to all of us to consider our impact on and our connection to our planet and to nature. As designers, not only do we have a responsibility to create spaces that are good for people – that inspire, and support health and happiness – we also have a responsibility to consider the legacy our designs leave. That can take many forms – from using more sustainable or recycled materials to bringing natural elements into the design to provide people with stronger connections to nature. (more…)

Carmen Schechinger, Project Manager, Elsy Studios

What Does It Mean to be an Interior Designer?

When people think of interior design, they often think about picking out paint colors, or selecting furniture and artwork. The truth is, there’s a great deal more to the profession, and it takes more than a business card to call yourself an interior designer. Education, a certain level of experience – there’s even a test! (more…)

Lynn Coit. President, Elsy Studios

Reflecting on a Year as ASID President

Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as president of the Colorado chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). With my term wrapped up, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on some of the areas I believe are essential for a thriving design community here locally – areas I hope to continue to support as I begin a new role within the national ASID organization. (more…)

Elsy Studios Local Cafe Redesign

Tight on Budget? Great Design Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

It’s a common misconception that great design requires a big budget. Sure, with some extra dollars to spend, you can upgrade to high-end finishes, materials and design elements, but at the heart of great design is creativity, strategy and perspective… and those things don’t depend on a bank account. They come from hiring inventive designers who are willing to work within your parameters to deliver a final product that is striking and memorable. (more…)

CU Denver Architecture Critique with Sarah Zales of Elsy Studios

Mentoring the Next Generation of Architects and Designers

One of the things I love about Elsy Studios is how much our team is encouraged to give back to our industry and our community. A few months ago, I was asked by a former professor to return to my alma mater, CU Denver, to review midterms for fourth-year architecture students.


J Clancy, Elsy Studios Interior Designer

Deck the Halls: Office Edition

‘Tis the season to deck the halls. Who doesn’t love some garland and a string of lights? But, just like your decorations at home, décor in the office reflects your personality, or in this case, the company’s culture. Decorations can make a first impression to clients and even double as a team activity. They should be fun, but they should also be thoughtful. Which is why we put together these four tips to help you get started! (more…)

Lynn Coit, Denver Business Journal Citizen of the Year

Together We Make a Difference

I know this blog is generally devoted to the work we do here at Elsy Studios to create truly memorable spaces. It’s work I’m proud of, and I promise, I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Today, I want to share an experience that has me feeling inspired and hopeful. – Lynn

It’s been an intense few weeks, right? With all the divisiveness our country is experiencing right now, it’s easy to feel like one person can’t make much of a difference – that the challenges we face are just too big.

I found myself reflecting about this feeling recently. And then I remembered a lesson I learned from my parents at a very early age.

The lesson was this: We are all stronger when we help our neighbors. (more…)

Lynn Coit. President, Elsy Studios

CIDC 2016 Annual Meeting: Its Good to be a Designer

What an exciting time to be an interior designer. With advances in technology, local economic growth and new approaches to the design process, there always seems to be something new to learn, explore and celebrate.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the 2016 Colorado Interior Design Coalition (CIDC) Annual Meeting. The event covered the state of the industry and how the profession is changing, reminding us all to not only invest in the “me,” but also the “we” of the industry. (more…)

Interior Design Tips: Carmen Schechinger

Carmen’s Top 5 Design Tips

We recently introduced you to Project Manager Carmen Schechinger. Now we’d love to share some of her top design tips with you!

Right now, Carmen loves the different shapes and sizes of materials that are coming out because they allow you to be creative with installation. It’s not just the standard square carpet and tile. Just recently, for example, she designed an office with a herringbone carpet installation that was black with pops of purple! (more…)

Juliana Rini's Top Interior Design Tips

Juliana’s Top 5 Design Tips

Last week you were introduced to Project Manager Juliana Rini. This week we are sharing some of her top design tips. Juliana loves the nostalgic patterns that are trending right now because they bring an element of fun and whimsy to a space. Getting inspired by the old to make something truly unique for the client is just one of Juliana’s specialties. (more…)


Design Details That Make Your Workplace Stand Out

Renowned Architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe once said, “God is in the details.” Still, others insist the details are where the devil is found. From a workplace design perspective, I’ve found both to be true. As a commercial interior designer with Elsy Studios, I always aim for the former, but often encounter the latter. When it comes to tenant planning, real estate and design teams are often so focused on the big picture and parsing square footage that they don’t see the potential impact of a few small, but important details. (more…)

Lynn Coit. President, Elsy Studios

Lynn’s Interview with The Chaise Lounge

We loved hearing our own Lynn Coit talk about the business of interior design, her advice for new designers and why she loves designing spaces here Colorado. If you have some time, check out her podcast with The Chaise Lounge here. (more…)

Workplace Interior Design Tips

Brie’s Top Six Workplace Design Tips

Last week, we introduced you to Elsy Studios Associate Brie Bane. This week, we’re sharing her top six tips for successful design. Brie loves to play with textures, shapes and boundaries! Currently her favorite design features and trends are layering rugs, geometric shapes, using mixed metals, creating quiet touchdown spaces, and installing live walls in spaces. (more…)

IIDA Prêt-A-Porter Fashion Show

IIDA Prêt-A-Porter Fashion Show

The IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter put on another fantastic Prêt-A-Porter fashion show this year! For the event, design teams partner with manufacturers to showcase their products in unique (and fashionable) ways.


Office Workspace Interior Design

Sarah’s Top Five Workspace Design Tips

Last week, we introduced you to Elsy Studios Associate Sarah Zales. This week, we’re sharing her top five tips for great workspace design. With more than 18 years in the business, and a constant eye on what’s next, Sarah is a great resource for our clients. (more…)

CREJ Commercial Interior Architecture and Design Conference

Keeping Creativity in Architecture and Design

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at the Colorado Real Estate Journal’s 2014 Commercial Interior Architecture and Design Conference. It was a fantastic event that reaffirmed the fact that Denver is a growing hub for creativity in architecture and design. At Elsy, we foster creativity by establishing an emotional connection with the project – from our initial drawings all the way to the finished space. We find that by tapping into the emotions of the designer, the client and the employees who will work in a space, we’re able to deliver a more creative and ultimately more impactful result. (more…)

Office Interior Design Tips

Cathy’s Top Five Workspace Design Tips

Last week, we introduced you to Elsy Associate Cathy Loftus. This week, we’re sharing Cathy’s top five tips for great workspace design. With more than a decade in the business, and a constant eye on what’s next, Cathy is a font of great design knowledge! (more…)

Designing Employee-Friendly Office Space

10 Tips for Designing Employee-Friendly Office Space


Why are people sitting in their cars, stairwells, even hiding in the restroom to get a little peace and quiet? Over the past 15 years, many employers have embraced an ‘open, collaborative’ concept for their workspace only to find that their employees are desperate for a quiet space to focus uninterrupted. (more…)