Elsy Inspires

Elsy Studios visits Milliken Floor Coverings

Milliken Floor Coverings Welcomes Elsy Team with Southern Hospitality

Elsy Studios is always looking for inspiration outside the office, and when an opportunity arose to visit Milliken Floor Coverings, designers Carmen Schechinger, Jennifer Schmidt and Sam Ward couldn’t pass up the opportunity! Their cross-country trip began with a pit stop in downtown Atlanta for some delicious Southern cuisine before touring two carpet mills in La Grange, Georgia, to get a glimpse into how some of Milliken’s innovative floor coverings are manufactured. (more…)

Denver Design Week: Healthy Workplace Discussion

3 Design Elements for a Healthy Workplace

I recently came across a staggering figure: The average American spends 93 percent of their life indoors – 87 percent in buildings and 6 percent in vehicles. If the majority of your time is spent inside somewhere, it should go without saying the design of the indoor environment should support your health and wellbeing, right? But only in the last two decades or so has much attention been paid to what that means for workplaces – the place we adults spend the majority of our days.


CASA House Denver Design and Remodel

CASA House: It Takes a Village

Bringing people together for a cause is one of the things that Lynn Coit, President and Founder of Elsy Studios, does best. When Denver CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) reached out for help with their new space, Lynn used her new position as the President Elect of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Colorado Chapter to rally the design community and create something truly inspired and meaningful. (more…)

Mark Cheeks: Elsy Studios Project Manager

Meet Elsy Studios Senior Project Manager Mark Cheeks

Mark loves to design workspaces that are engaging and have visual interest. He believes that the best design doesn’t always have to be a grand stair case or ego driven by a designer. (more…)

Nathan Applegate: Elsy Studios Drafter

Meet Nathan Applegate, CAD Technician and Drafter for Elsy Studios

Nathan works closely with Elsy designers to bring their visions to life in 3D. The result? Clients can see how materials work together in the space before construction ever starts, and communication between designers and contractors is improved for a seamless installation. (more…)

Carmen Schechinger, Project Manager, Elsy Studios

Meet Elsy Studio’s Project Manager Carmen Schechinger

We’d like to introduce you to Carmen Schechinger. She has been with Elsy Studios since day one and her hard work and design talent have paid off big time. She was recently promoted from interior designer to project manager. (more…)

Juliana Rini, Elsy Studios Project Manager

Meet Elsy Studios Project Manager Juliana Rini

Juliana began with Elsy as an interior designer. She now applies her unique background in art and design – not to mention a high level of technical skill – to her role as a project manager. (more…)

Brie Bane Cosgriff, Elsy Studios Project Manager and Interior Designer

Meet Elsy Studios Interior Designer/Project Manager Brie Bane Cosgriff

So, what do you do if you have a degree in Fine Arts, Anthropology and Interior Design; love mixing knowledge of culture, art and space; have a penchant for thinking three dimensionally and enjoy working with your hands?

You buy a 1906 foreclosure home, strip it down to the studs and then rebuild it… of course! (more…)

Sarah Zales, Elsy Studios Associate and Interior Designer

Meet Elsy Associate Sarah Zales

Back in June, we introduced the Elsy Studios Inspires Series. In August, we featured Associate Cathy Loftus, and this month we are excited to introduce you to Sarah Zales.

Sarah has a great understanding of and sensitivity to our clients and her coworkers alike. She is a wonderful leader that has an innate ability to motivate others to do their best work. She is a devoted daughter, wife, mother and Architect. Sarah truly cares about her clients, a trait which is reflected in the quality of her work. (more…)

Cathy Loftus, Elsy Studios Associate and Interior Designer

Meet Elsy Associate Cathy Loftus

Back in June, we introduced the Elsy Studios Inspires Series. We are so proud of the spaces we create here at Elsy and we are excited to introduce you to the people who help make these spaces happen. This month, we are featuring Associate Cathy Loftus.

Our goal as commercial interior designers is to create environments where people are better able to work and thrive. Cathy takes that mission to heart not just here at Elsy, but in her efforts in the Denver community. From her work to empower underprivileged and low-income women in our community to her desire to bring a sustainable approach to a design project, Cathy seeks to improve everything she touches. (more…)

Elsy Studios Interior Design: Space Matters

Welcome to the Elsy Studios Inspires Series

Over the next several months, we’ll be introducing you to our team and sharing a little more about what we do here at Elsy Studios. At Elsy, we always say “Space matters.” Over the course of this series, we hope to explain how each member of our team contributes to building spaces that matter – spaces that inspire and motivate. In this video, our founder Lynn Coit gives you a peek into our offices and talks about what she believes makes the Elsy team unique. Check back soon for more of the Elsy Studios Inspires series! (more…)