‘Tis the season to deck the halls. Who doesn’t love some garland and a string of lights? But, just like your decorations at home, décor in the office reflects your personality, or in this case, the company’s culture. Decorations can make a first impression to clients and even double as a team activity. They should be fun, but they should also be thoughtful. Which is why we put together these four tips to help you get started!

  • Keep it subtle. Decorating for the holidays can be fun and good for morale, but keep it from becoming an eyesore. Decorations that are too gaudy can be distracting to employees and clients alike. Avoid things like flashy tinsel and inflatable Santas, and embrace the use of more raw-looking material like yarn, twine and paper.
  • Keep it contained. We get it; it can be a lot of fun to deck your entire office from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. But instead of overwhelming your space, focus on one area like an entry, reception area or employee break room to keep decorations from taking over the office. You’ll be more likely to create something that looks good and you won’t waste countless hours.
  • Keep it neutral. People celebrate the holidays in many different ways so make sure that the decorations aren’t alienating. Some offices choose to tastefully display decorations that highlight each major holiday. While this can be effective (if done well), a general “Happy Holidays” theme can go a long way. You can even decorate based on a “Winter Wonderland” theme to keep it even more generic.
  • Keep it relevant. Incorporate company branding, missions and mottos when possible to help tie back to the company and reinforce the message you want to send. Never pass up an opportunity to brand yourself. The way your office feels during the holidays can make a big impression on employees and clients.