Every two years, our team at Elsy Studios eagerly awaits the Prêt-à-Porter fashion show put on by the IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter. For this event, design teams partner with manufacturers to showcase products in unique (and fashionable!) ways.

This year, Prêt-à-Porter’s theme was ‘color-blocking,’ a challenge we enthusiastically accepted, designing a ‘split personality’ dress with our partners at Koroseal. Drawing on the concept of ‘two sides to every story,’ this dress is meant to express the contrasting sides of our personalities that we show depending on the situation. For example, we could be shy at work, but outgoing at home.

To visually convey these dual sides of our personality, we chose a striking black-and-white palette to create a bold interpretation of color-blocking with hints of varied textures from Koroseal wallcoverings. The dress (and our stunning model, Elsy Interior Designer Sam Ward!) depicted a ‘soft and sweet’ side juxtaposed against a ‘bold and edgy’ side.

Dress - Back
Dress - Front

Mark Cheeks, our in-house cobbler, embellished this simple pair of black heels with matching wallcovering. The design mimics the dress flawlessly – subtle in the front, with blue metallic on the back for a pop!

The look was accomplished with a combination of textured wallcoverings including shimmery rosettes, black-and-white metallics, blue metallics and matte black with tight pleats.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 4.35.17 PM

We have to say, we’re pretty proud of the results!

It was so much fun to participate in this year’s Prêt-à-Porter. As a design studio, we’re always seeking out new ideas and sources of inspiration, and this year’s event delivered in a big way. Congratulations to all the design studios and manufacturers who participated in this year’s event and a big thank you to the IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter for putting so much time and effort into celebrating the creative work of Denver’s passionate design community.

Group Photo