Designing small spaces can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences for any interior designer. With limited square footage, every detail matters. The designer must stretch the limits of spatial reasoning and planning, bringing a focused attention to both form and function in a fun, dynamic way.

When our Elsy team set out to design the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute’s headquarters, we didn’t shy away from thinking big for the 1,290-square-foot space. With community building top of mind, the space needed both private and collaborative work areas for employees and entrepreneurs alike. Luckily, they had a blank canvas.


Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Rocky Mountain MicroFinance

The design highlights natural breaks in the space, dividing the headquarters into distinct areas for co-working, larger meetings and heads-down concentration. With RMMFI’s focus on creating economic and social mobility through entrepreneurship, this space needed to be raw, inspiring and fitting for a start-up culture.

Playing off an accent color in the organization’s logo, the existing structural supports were painted red and glass walls were constructed to define the co-working area, while still providing ample access to natural light for the more private workspaces. The pop of red draws attention to the height of the ceiling, making the space feel larger than it is, while also serving as a striking focal point (at minimal cost).

Throughout the workspace, our team incorporated carpet that features similar angles to the columns and subtly ties in RMMFI’s logo colors. It not only differentiates certain areas, but also helps with acoustics. Three-quartered walls add to the perceived height of the space.

Interior Design for Colorado NonprofitThe next phase for RMMFI is to build out an additional 780 square feet adjacent to the existing headquarters. This new space will be used as a retail incubator to facilitate meaningful engagement for start-ups. We love supporting this growing nonprofit and can’t wait to see the finished product!Nonprofit Corporate Office Interior Design Denver