For this 6,341-square-foot space in Cherry Creek, Elsy Studios is working with the building management team to give the lobby a fresh, modern look with new amenities to appeal to current and potential tenants.

While the vibe will still be polished and professional, we’re including some fun, unexpected elements to help activate the space. Here’s a little sneak peek at Elsy designer Sam Ward’s mood board for the project.

The neutral, large-patterned carpet will serve as the base, accented by various shades of blue undertones and pops of chartreuse to create visual interest. The Shou Sugi Ban wood and walnut tones will help warm up the space (something we always recommend doing, especially in corporate spaces, so they don’t come off sterile or cold).

And while you can’t tell from the mood board, we’re also expanding on the current deli amenity in the building and making the lobby more of a multi-use space. Stay tuned for pics as the space takes shape!

Elsy Studios Interior Design Mood Board