Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at the Colorado Real Estate Journal’s 2014 Commercial Interior Architecture and Design Conference. It was a fantastic event that reaffirmed the fact that Denver is a growing hub for creativity in architecture and design. At Elsy, we foster creativity by establishing an emotional connection with the project – from our initial drawings all the way to the finished space. We find that by tapping into the emotions of the designer, the client and the employees who will work in a space, we’re able to deliver a more creative and ultimately more impactful result.

CREJ Commercial Interior Architecture and Design ConferenceThere are several driving factors behind the design decisions we make for a space, but it really all comes down to asking the question: What will empower employees to do their best work? That question is inextricably linked to how employees feel about the space in which they are working. The more companies can tap into those feelings and articulate those needs, the more likely they will be to make strategic investments to make their workspaces stand out from the competition.

Take Hybris for example. They wanted their space to reflect their collaborative, innovative culture as well as the active lifestyle of their employees. To support that environment, our team chose Writeable ‘WINK’ walls to cover entire wall surfaces so employees could collectively work out big ideas in the public space. We also added multiple tables with writable tops so that employees on conference calls or in impromptu meetings could jot down ideas quickly. To support employees’ active lifestyle, sit and stand workstations and features such as bike racks were added to the space. The end result is a design is geared towards creating a positive emotional connection between the space and the people who use it.

Design like this often requires a shift in mindset – from looking at the square footage and counting desks and chairs to thinking about how an employee who works in a space will feel about coming to work every day – but when businesses bet on the power of thoughtful design, creativity undoubtedly emerges. And with that creativity comes greater employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity. It’s a bet that almost always pays off in amazing results.