As part of our Elsy Inspires series, we’re kicking off a new regular feature where we’ll show you how we used one particular material in three different applications. We’re starting with reclaimed wood. Not only is it a sustainable choice that adds a warm, biophilic element to a space, it’s also extremely versatile. Contrary to what you might think, not all reclaimed wood has to be used to create a “rustic” vibe. As you’ll see in these applications, it can be used in even the most modern of spaces.

Beetle Kill Pine Wall Colorado Interior Design from Elsy Studios


Application: Living Green Wall

We used live-edge locally sourced and eco-friendly beetle kill pine planks as a feature within the living green wall to add warmth to this space for a large media company. The live edges in the reclaimed wood bring a raw texture into an otherwise highly refined space.

Despite its wide availability as a result of the more than 40 million acres of US forests that have fallen victim to the mountain pine beetle, unless this wood is harvested within five years, it’s unusable for wood products. We see the application of this product as a great way to make something good out of these trees that would otherwise rot and turn into kindling on our forest floors.

Repurposed-Elsy Studios: Bark Interior Design Denver


Application: Yoga Center

For this modern, highly experiential space, we sourced tree bark from a lumber yard that would have otherwise been discarded. The bark was salvaged and reinvented as wall panels in the yoga room, one of their employee amenity spaces. The result is very zen!

This bark is from poplar trees grown in the U.S. and is a 100 percent recyclable, renewable resource.

Elsy Studios: Repurposed Doors Interior Design DenverApplication: Ceiling Detail

This project involved modifying an already built-out space. We removed a large number of private offices from the perimeter in order to flood the interior with natural light. Rather than discard the beautiful solid wood doors from the old offices, we worked with a millworker to repurpose a number of them into a decorative paneling on the edge of the ceiling in their conference room.

With a fresh coat of paint, the doors were given a new, modern look that creates a great visual interest in this collaborative space.

We love using materials in unexpected ways at Elsy. Want to see what we can do in your space? Let’s talk! And be sure to stay tuned for our next post in this series.