Jennifer Schmidt has brought positivity and interior design expertise to Elsy Studios for the past four years, building on more than a decade of using her artistic abilities to create imaginative and exciting designs in both the commercial and residential interior design fields.

Jennifer’s ability to connect with people from all backgrounds creates a wonderful first impression when you walk into Elsy Studios. She’s usually the first person you’ll see!

“I love design. I love finishes, I love color. We have a team with wonderful personalities that make it a lot of fun to come to work every day,” she says.

Jennifer works closely with design representatives to ensure Elsy Studios has the latest trends and products to define a space.

Throughout her career, she has done everything from architectural space planning to commercial real estate and interior finishing.

After taking some time off from interior design to raise her two daughters, Jennifer returns to the field with an appreciation for finishes and lighting, both of which she says truly define a design.

“That can make or break a space,” she says.

Transforming a client’s brand into beautiful interior design defines Jennifer’s expertise. On a recent project, she was inspired by a brand’s geometric patterns and bright colors and expertly applied them in a new office space.

Beginning with a neutral palette, bold colors and hexagon patterns were thoughtfully incorporated into elements like wall coverings and floor tile. The result was a space both unique to the client and reflective of its brand and values.

Jennifer’s diverse background allows her to maximize functionality and efficiency while adding finishes that truly define a space.

Jennifer earned her degree from the University of North Texas. When she’s not designing at Elsy, Jennifer loves running, painting and spending time with her daughters.