A few years ago, we launched the Elsy Studios Inspires Series to introduce you to our team of commercial interior designers, project managers and architects. Since then, we’ve added a number of talented new team members and we can’t wait for you to get to know them!

First up is one of our newest team members, project architect Kaye Mullaney.

Kaye may have only joined our team a year ago, but she brings more than two decades of architectural experience to Elsy Studios.

Get to know Kaye a little bit better:

Background: Before joining the Elsy team, Kaye was an associate at H+L Architecture where she was responsible for overseeing the production of the design and construction documents for over one million square feet of new hospital construction. She has a strong design and project management background across a diverse range of project types including core/shell and build—to-suit commercial office buildings, renovation, and new construction.

Continuing Education: Kaye stays up to date on the latest innovations in building materials, and construction and building codes through regular AIA-accredited continuing education courses.

Professional Involvement: At Elsy Studios, being a great team player extends beyond our own team. We work to create strong working relationships with vendors and manufacturers to ensure that we’re always in the know about the newest products. Kaye makes a point of attending programs sponsored by vendors in the construction industry to get the latest scoop and build relationships that benefit our clients.

Favorite Design Trend: When approaching her work, Kaye likes to envision creating a space that makes people want to come to work, and as the open-office trend evolves, Kaye is focusing on finding the design that best meets our clients’ needs. This involves balancing collaborative and private spaces to provide areas for employees to deeply focus on work and prepare for collaboration.

Interests: If Kaye isn’t hard at work at Elsy Studios, you just might find her painting a watercolor masterpiece, one of her favorite activities. Kaye also enjoys running, skiing and spending time with her family, especially her son who is leaving the nest next year!