Campbell Lloyd is a Senior Project Manager on the Elsy Studios team with two decades of experience leading and managing projects in the commercial interior design and construction industry.

Her role combines two of her strengths: enthusiasm for creating great design and passion for building extraordinary client relationships!

By expertly streamlining communication between Elsy Studios, clients and the construction and engineering teams, Campbell’s role helps to efficiently bring our designs to life.

Campbell first studied art in school, but quickly transitioned into studying interior design and architecture out of passion for creating and building.

One of her favorite trends is creating collaborative workspaces that feel like home.

“The most fun part of that is definitely the amount that has been going in to break rooms,” Campbell says. “They’re almost coffee shops. It becomes this jewel of the office space where everyone wants to hang out. It’s more like your kitchen at home than an office.”

Campbell was drawn to Elsy Studios by its fantastic leadership. Now an integral part of the team, she loves the open-minded and collaborative work environment.

“It’s really a family. When clients see the amazing designs that come out of this family, they are so excited that they become a part of the family as well,” Campbell says.

When she’s not at work, Campbell has found a way to give back to her community through her artistic abilities. She volunteers at Project Angel Heart, which delivers meals to people who are terminally ill, with her kids. They design and color the meal bags that are brought to patients.

It’s no wonder Campbell started volunteering at Project Angel Heart, since she helped design the organization’s new offices with Elsy Studios.

Campbell is IIDA certified and stays up on design and architecture trends by attending seminars regularly at the University of Colorado – Denver, where she earned her Master of Architecture degree.

She also has her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the University of Georgia.