One of the things I love about Elsy Studios is how much our team is encouraged to give back to our industry and our community. A few months ago, I was asked by a former professor to return to my alma mater, CU Denver, to review midterms for fourth-year architecture students.

This past week, I returned to the campus to review their final designs and was so impressed by the progress and creativity I saw. It was exciting to see how students took our feedback from the midterm review and used it to develop their design concepts for the final presentation.

Returning to my alma mater to work alongside Phil Gallegos, my former design studio professor, was extremely rewarding. It was great to spend the day as a mentor and to play a small role in helping prepare the next generation of architects and designers.

Many of these students will graduate in a couple weeks and go on to prestigious graduate architecture programs. I’m inspired by the potential I saw and look forward to seeing their designs down the road!

Sarah Zales at CU Denver Architecture Critique