At Elsy Studios, we work with all types of end users to create thriving, productive spaces where people want to work. Every project comes with some type of challenge, but one of our latest projects came with an entirely new challenge for our team: Creating a workplace for dogs. We’ve created dog-friendly office spaces before, but the Camp Bow Wow Headquarters takes the “bring your dog to work” culture to a whole new level. 

For this 8,200-square-foot space, we specifically designed the floor plan and furniture layout to create corrals for dogs. Each cubicle provides ample space for dogs to walk around, but also keeps them within their owners’ workstations. Down the hall, there are rooms for playtime with concrete floors (for easy clean-up) and gates on each end (for clear sightlines). For employees who don’t want to bring their pups to work or have super-active dogs, a Camp Bow Wow camp is just a few doors down.

Another consideration that required unique consideration was the flooring selection. When designing for this animal-friendly space (and the sheer number of dogs that would use it), we needed materials that would not only withstand the wear-and-tear of paws, but also be cost-effective for replacement. We wanted the space to reflect the company’s “camp-feel” by bringing the outside in. To achieve the right look, an organic-patterned plank carpet tile and accent green “grass-like” carpet tiles were used throughout the open areas and blend into the closed offices.

Even though dogs are the main attraction in this space, we couldn’t forget the humans. In the breakroom, the walls feature snack dispensers stocked with tasty treats (and, of course, dog treats in several flavors). Numerous open collaborative areas are provided throughout with various types of lounge furniture and writeable surfaces like chalkboards and whiteboards.

The Camp Bow Wow Headquarters was a project our entire office got excited about – who wouldn’t be excited to design for some furry friends? Looking at the design from a dog’s perspective was an entirely new experience that we were happy to take on!

You can read more about this Elsy project in the Denver Post.