I know this blog is generally devoted to the work we do here at Elsy Studios to create truly memorable spaces. It’s work I’m proud of, and I promise, I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Today, I want to share an experience that has me feeling inspired and hopeful. – Lynn

It’s been an intense few weeks, right? With all the divisiveness our country is experiencing right now, it’s easy to feel like one person can’t make much of a difference – that the challenges we face are just too big.

I found myself reflecting about this feeling recently. And then I remembered a lesson I learned from my parents at a very early age.

The lesson was this: We are all stronger when we help our neighbors.

That may sound obvious or even simplistic, but growing up in the racially charged South, I saw firsthand how the way we treat our neighbors has a direct impact – for better or worse – on the strength of our community.

In my family, that meant you helped out when people needed it, regardless of how much you had or who was asking. Your neighbors were your neighbors and need was need.

I took that lesson to heart and have worked to set that same example of service for my children as well as for the teams I lead.

I was honored to be recognized this week for that service by the Denver Business Journal as one of their Corporate Citizens of the Year.

It was a beautiful reminder that as individuals, we really can make an impact. And as leaders in the business community, when we set an example of service, when we promote stewardship, not only are our communities stronger for it, so are our teams. Our people are more connected to one another and consequently the work we do together is better.

It’s literally a win for everyone.

It starts with making the choice to act. Figure out what you care most about and get involved. For me, it’s children’s causes. During the course of my career, I’ve devoted my time and resources to wonderful organizations such as Denver Children’s Home and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado.

I encourage every single member of Elsy to become a champion for a cause they are passionate about. I want them to share that passion with their coworkers, and I will do whatever I can to support them in their efforts because I know that we are all better for it.  Our team, our company, our community: Together, we are better.

So I want to thank the Denver Business Journal, my family, our team here at Elsy and the amazing people I work with in the nonprofit community here in Denver for reminding us all of that lesson when its needed most.

If you’re looking to make a donation to a local organization or a way to get involved, here’s a list of some of the organizations the Elsy team proudly supports: