Everyone has a different story. We didn’t all arrive in the design profession by the same route. That diversity of experiences helps to shape our individual approaches and – we believe – makes us a stronger, more creative team.

Britney Heim, Elsy’s newest Interior Designer, is a perfect example. Her path to commercial design was unconventional, but we appreciate the experiences it gave her, and we think you will too.

Britney Heim, Elsy Studios Interior DesignerAfter graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Britney quickly found herself immersed in the advertising world – first in digital production and then in account management. While she loved being surrounded by creative minds and out-of-the box thinking in a fast-paced environment, she found she wasn’t connecting with the work on an emotional level.

“I eventually found myself rethinking my path and searching for something that tugged at my heartstrings and inspired me each and every day,” Britney said.

So she did a complete turn and found that passion as a Special Education teacher. “It was fulfilling in so many ways, and I learned more about life than I could have imagined. I learned to be compassionate, to be a great listener, to lead a team, and what it meant to truly help others and feel like what I did mattered.”

After moving from Austin to Denver, Britney found herself searching again, this time for a bridge between those two experiences.

“I wanted to feel passionate about what I did and to feed my creative soul all at once. I took a giant leap of faith and headed back to school to become an Interior Designer,” she told us. And in interior design, Britney believes she has found her calling. “I can draw with my hands, geek out in highly technical software, create visual brands and work with creative, inspiring people. But most of all, I can make a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives.”

Beyond her impressive design skills, we saw the tremendous value in Britney’s journey – in her graphic design expertise, her experience in project management, and in her work with clients to translate their vision into something meaningful. When we met her, we just knew she would be a great fit for the Elsy team. We can’t wait for you to meet her!