Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow is North America’s largest and fastest growing pet care franchise and premier provider of fun, safe and individualized care. For their new headquarters, they needed a space that would accommodate growth, reflect their fun-loving brand, and be a safe, enjoyable environment for employees and their furry friends alike. The Elsy team worked closely with Camp Bow Wow’s branding team to ensure every detail of the space worked in their favor. The floor plan and furniture layout strategically provides ample space in each cubicle for dogs to walk around. There are even rooms for playtime with concrete floors (for easy clean-up) and gates on each end (for clear sightlines). Flooring selection was a unique consideration with the inevitable heavy foot (and paw) traffic in the space. It needed to be durable as well as cost-effective to replace. Reflecting the company’s ‘camp-feel’, the Elsy team brought the outside in with an organic-patterned plank carpet tile and accent green grass-like carpet tiles that blended open areas and closed offices. In the breakroom, the walls feature snack dispensers for employees, stocked with tasty human treats as well as dog treats in several flavors. Open collaborative areas throughout the space feature various types of lounge furniture and writeable surfaces such as chalkboards and whiteboards.

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