Denver Scholarship Foundation

Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) has been changing the lives of Denver Public Schools (DPS) students for more than a decade. After a successful rebrand, they were looking for a new location and updated office space that would not only embody their new brand, but also create a stronger workplace community. The new space needed to accommodate a primarily open concept and centrally located common space to facilitate interaction among employees. Elsy Studios was involved from the beginning of the building selection process, including coordinating multiple test fits and creating pricing plans to find a building that fit DSF’s needs and budget.

After the building selection was made, DSF tasked Elsy with creating a fresh and colorful space that enhanced the DSF brand and supported its mission of inspiring and empowering DPS students to enroll in and graduate from postsecondary institutions of higher education. The team worked closely with OfficeScapes on furniture selection and relied on strategic placement of finishes throughout the space to create a cohesive look and feel with primarily donated furniture and materials. The resulting space features a bright palette of primary colors and subtle branding elements, including a circular glass window near the entryway with circular light fixtures overhead.

Project services provided by Elsy Studios include:

Interior Design for Corporate and Nonprofit, Colorado
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