Liberty Media

The opportunity to renovate the interior of a neoclassical revival building of this quality in Colorado is rare. Elsy Studios jumped at the chance to juxtapose the neoclassical backdrop against a free-flowing, modern interior space that would become a hub for Liberty Media’s innovative culture, inspiring employees and attracting the next generation of talent.

One of the biggest challenges on the project was the design and implementation of three 15-foot exterior mechanically operated doors that not only blend with the modern interior, but also complement the neoclassical architecture.

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Through close collaboration with the client, the original building architect, development planning, engineers, and our contractor, we were able to deliver a solution that is both elegant and contextual.

Inside, the detailing and layout work seamlessly with the formal, yet asymmetrical layout of the existing core shell architecture. What was previously an unused wing of the building is now its experiential center, alive with new activities including a renovated café, a cutting-edge audio/visual center, the Liberty library, an inviting living room, game area, yoga studio, bar and lounge area, and employee gym. The result is a highly sustainable, flexible and forward-looking space that supports employee wellbeing and provides an inspiring environment in which to work.

Project services provided by Elsy Studios include: