NetApp is a fun client dedicated to offering companies around the world innovative solutions for software, systems, and services to manage and store their data. For this project in particular, we had to be flexible. We were initially hired to create a new office space for SolidFire, which was acquired halfway through the project by NetApp. After the acquisition, the design needed to be reworked to incorporate the new branding and company standards, blending the two cultures and representing the exciting future of growth for the company. A new location meant employees were split between two buildings connected by a covered walkway. We created an interconnecting stair and large opening to connect the floors within each building. The only breakroom for the 67,000-square-foot space was strategically placed to make sure that every day people were mixing and mingling and not staying in their corners of the building. The breakroom is one of our favorite rooms that includes soda refrigerators, healthy snacks, two kegs and an unbeatable view of the Flatirons from the breakroom patio. The new workspace also features an open floor plan with no private offices. Conferencing space can be found throughout the space, from single-person phone booths to a 65-person bleacher seating area for larger meetings.

Office Expansion Interior Design and Architecture, Colorado
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We’ve worked with Elsy Studios for a long time and think they are fantastic. When SolidFire and NetApp came together as one company and consolidated locations, Elsy did a great job creating a space that feels unified, walking a fine line between our two cultures. They are respectful of trying to listen to everyone’s opinions and coming to a middle ground. They constantly follow up and know how to get the job done, never lagging on anything. They are really kind, honest and respectable people who walk you through the entire process and take responsibility for the final design. Elsy executed well what was asked of them. They did it perfectly.

~Kayte Edwards, Facility Manager for NetApp