Newalta is a Canada-based company that provides engineered, innovative, solutions to improve its customers’ environmental performance through recycling and recovery.  Elsy Studios was brought in to help establish Newalta’s identity in the U.S. marketplace with an airy, open space in the heart of downtown Denver. Despite strict limitations on ceiling heights at their 50th floor office, we were able to accomplish an open feel with full-height glazing around the perimeter allowing energizing daylight to stream in, and by bringing the ceiling down in the meeting areas and the break room to create a more intimate and collaborative feel. Newalta came to us with a vision for a clean and modern space that would help attract and retain employees. Through our collaboration and creative thinking, Elsy Studios helped bring their vision of a timelessly elegant workplace to life.

Newalta Office Interior DesignNewalta Office Interior DesignNewalta Office Interior DesignNewalta Office Interior DesignNewalta Office Interior DesignNewalta Office Interior Design
Newalta Office Restaurant Interior Design by Elsy Studio

We would like to express our sincerest thanks for Elsy’s contribution to our new Denver Corporate offices. All of the staff who traveled to Denver have returned with glowing comments, which we attribute to Elsy’s creative and innovative design. Elsy’s attention to detail, leadership and availability to all of our questions made this project easy to manage from Calgary. We consider our new premises at 1801 California a showpiece, and appreciate the contributions of the entire Elsy staff. Thank you on behalf of tall the team at Newalta.

~Cam McNaughton, Executive Director, Treasury and
Brenda Strandlund, Manager, Corporate Facilities