Corporate Office Remodel Design for Denver Accounting Firm

Anton Collins Mitchell LLP

As a successful accounting firm, Anton Collins Mitchell LLP (ACM) wanted to show their employees some much-deserved appreciation for their hard work by creating a fun, vibrant space everyone could enjoy. Elsy Studios worked closely with the leadership team to design an office that maximizes space by merging decorative and functional elements in creative ways.

Elsy Studios Interior Design: Life Line Financial Relocation

Life Line Financial Group

When Life Line Financial Group came to Elsy Studios, they had a dream of moving their family financial company from the overcrowded Los Angeles business district to the booming and family-friendly Denver Metro Area. After carefully evaluating high-rise buildings in Downtown Denver, they found a perfect fit in a newly constructed building in Denver’s highly desirable Cherry Creek neighborhood.

Denver Interior Design: Financial Firm Corporate Office

Alden Torch Financial

Alden Torch Financial needed a space with greater longevity. Rapid growth at the multifamily investment firm also meant they were bursting at the seams. They needed to expand, but also wanted to encourage connectivity between all personnel. Elsy’s solution was to cut a hole in the floor and add beautiful steel and glass staircase to connect the 14th and 15th floors.

Investment Firm Corporate Office Interior Design

Innovest Portfolio Solutions

Innovest’s need to expand their existing office to accommodate growth provided an opportunity for a remodel that would not only enhance their work environment, but also better reflect their brand. The project was an occupied remodel, which required creative thinking and collaboration between Innovest, Elsy’s designers, and the building owner and contractor.

Interior Design for Financial Company Offices

Capital Value Advisors

Capital Value Advisors enlisted Elsy Studios to create a professional, comfortable environment that also reflected the unique and non-traditional culture of the investment firm. Their new space needed to feel rustic, but modern in its look and feel. It also needed to include both heads-down private workspaces and room to entertain.

Financial Corporate Office Interior Design

Red Cloud Capital

The goal for this space was a fresh, modern design that gave the private equity firm the flexibility to grow as the company matured. The design also needed to incorporate the firm’s strong branding color – red – without overwhelming the small space.

Financial Firm Corporate Office Architecture

Megastar Financial

When Megastar purchased an old dairy building in disrepair in the up-and-coming Golden Triangle area of Denver, our goal was to transform the space and repurpose the building into a productive corporate office while maintaining its historical character. This was no small feat. In addition to a brand new interior, the building needed a new roof, new mechanical system, and an exterior facelift before we could successfully repurpose the building.

Interior Design for Government Buildings

Federal Reserve Bank

In 2010, the Denver Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank came to our team to transform an old, 10,000 sq. ft. conference room and office space into a million-dollar Money Museum and state-of-the-art Conference Suite. Existing dark wood panels were paired with new backlit resin plates, blending the past and present in a grand entrance to the new wing.

Commercial Interior Design: Financial and Investment Companies

Platte River Ventures

Quality and a sense of timelessness were the driving forces behind this office space remodel. When Platte River Ventures relocated its headquarters from downtown Denver to Cherry Creek, the company wanted the interior design for the new space to reflect its upscale urban surroundings. That included creating spaces to display a portion of the CEO’s prestigious private art collection.