Elsy Studios Interior Design: OrthoFi Office Remodel


OrthoFi reached out to Elsy Studios in the early stages of their search for a new headquarters. The forward-thinking technology company had outgrown their current space, which had their team split between floors in a typical Class B office building. Together, we landed on a unique opportunity: an old Ford Model-T assembly plant with a rich history in Denver.

Elsy Studios Interior Design: Coalfire Office Remodel and Expansion


A rising national cybersecurity company with offices across the country, Coalfire was looking to expand their office footprint to accommodate their growing Denver workforce. Their goal was to create a dynamic and collaborative environment with fun, interactive elements that would help differentiate the company in the competition for top talent.

Elsy Studios Interior Design: NetApp Office Remodel and Expansion


NetApp is a fun client dedicated to offering companies around the world innovative solutions for software, systems, and services to manage and store their data. For this project in particular, we had to be flexible. We were initially hired to create a new office space for SolidFire, which was acquired halfway through the project by NetApp. After the acquisition, the design needed to be reworked to incorporate the new branding and company standards, blending the two cultures and representing the exciting future of growth for the company.

Interior Design for Technology Company Offices

Solidfire, Inc.

SolidFire is a rapidly expanding tech company headquartered in Boulder, Colo. Their top priority with the expansion and remodel of their office space was to build in adaptability so the space could grow with them. They also wanted to incorporate more of their vibrant branding throughout the office.

Elsy Studios: Interior Design, Technology Offices


Elsy Studios was hired by Barco Media, a global leader in visualization systems for the entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare markets, to complete a new regional production, design and sales facility in Sacramento, Calif. Barco was in the process of realizing their growth ambitions beyond display and projector technology, to include networking systems and workplace collaboration.

Hi Tech Company Interior Design


In the summer of 2014, Hybris, the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider, opened its new 10,000 sq. ft. office in Boulder, Colo. Elsy Studios sought to revitalize the space to foster independent and collaborative thinking. To support such an environment, Elsy specified Writeable ‘WINK’ walls over entire wall surfaces so employees can collectively work out big ideas in the public space.

Elsy Studios: Commercial Interior Design, Denver, Colorado


Cachematrix, a software developer offshoot of a major mutual fund provider, came to us with a specific directive – design a serene work environment for their Denver headquarters with minimal investment. Combining clean lines, natural textures and a soothing color palette enabled our designers to create a space that was both functional and tranquil for the software developers.

Architecture for Technology Company Headquarters, Boulder, CO

Sybase, Inc.

Sybase, Inc., an industry leader in software development, wanted their new 28,000 sq. ft. space in Boulder, Colo. to embody sustainable design and reflect the creativity, energy and spark of its employees. The company chose a new LEED Gold high-rise building for its headquarters, providing a broad, angular, asymmetrical, and light-filled floor plan to serve as the foundation of our interior design.