Solidfire, Inc.

SolidFire is a rapidly expanding tech company headquartered in Boulder, Colo. Their top priority with the expansion and remodel of their office space was to build in adaptability so the space could grow with them. They also wanted to incorporate more of their vibrant branding throughout the office. Elsy Studios was selected to complete the headquarters expansion and design in three phases, maximizing an open design and 125 square feet per employee. Because of SolidFire’s creative culture and workflow, Elsy chose to incorporate multiple touchdown areas that can be used for impromptu meetings or to give employees some quiet time away from their 120° sit-to-stand open concept workstations. The break room was designed as a place where co-workers can watch a game or grab a drink. Opening the ceiling to the structure, getting rid of most private offices and reusing the raised floors gave the newly remodeled offices an open feeling and a look that is uniquely SolidFire.

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Tech Company Office Interior Design by Elsy Studio

We’ve worked with Elsy Studios for a long time and think they are fantastic. When SolidFire and NetApp came together as one company and consolidated locations, Elsy did a great job creating a space that feels unified, walking a fine line between our two cultures. They are respectful of trying to listen to everyone’s opinions and coming to a middle ground. They constantly follow up and know how to get the job done, never lagging on anything. They are really kind, honest and respectable people who walk you through the entire process and take responsibility for the final design. Elsy executed well what was asked of them. They did it perfectly.

~Kayte Edwards, Facility Manager for NetApp