Coming Together to Give Back

In a year when it was easy to feel helpless and isolated, our team here at Elsy Studios found great comfort in coming together (often virtually) to lend a hand in our communities – from delivering messages of gratitude in our neighborhoods to helping shore up local food bank supplies. A huge thank you to all the nonprofits out there working to make a difference this year and to all of our partners in the industry, our colleagues and our friends for chipping in in big and little ways in 2020. Everything counts – especially this year!

Juliana's Card
Thank you cards
hand written cards

“Our selfless healthcare workers have been the real heroes in 2020, and they deserve our gratitude and appreciation more than ever. Our team had a wonderful time designing some creative thank you cards as part of the annual “Warm a Heart” event, which this year benefitted patients and healthcare workers at Denver Health.”

Food donation

“This year, we put our design skills to work in a new We Care event to help local families during the pandemic. Our team helped create dozens of reusable face masks especially designed for younger kids, ages 3-5.”

a child drawing on the sidewalk with chalk
Home window decorations

“In the beginning of quarantine, our team found creative little ways to spread positivity to our neighbors and community. Brightly decorating our front doors and windows was something small we could do to bring others joy during those tough early days of the pandemic.”

If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that every person has the power to make a difference, but we can amplify that power – and our positive impact – when we work together.


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Recent Projects

“The Elsy team pitched in to donate food to the Denver Rescue Mission to help with the tremendous food insecurity affecting families this year. Lynn and Cathy together dropped off two car loads to the Mission. The need for donations – especially food – is so great this year. If you’re in a position to help, you can donate here.”