Designing for a YES Culture

YES Communities

Happy, inspired employees make all the difference in an organization’s success, and the work environment plays a huge part in that success story.

Our goal, for YES Communities new 35,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in the Denver Tech Center, was to create an environment that embodied their empowering culture and helped their team feel connected and supported so that they were able to do their best work.

YES Communities is one of the nation’s largest providers of affordable manufactured home communities. Working closely with their team to understand how they work and what drives them, we came up with a flexible, functional design inspired by YES Communities’ community-driven ethos.

We incorporated subtle nods, to their core business, by using the concept of the residential neighborhood for inspiration. One of our favorite areas is this collaboration space, which is anchored by a sculptural tree, complete with swings, that nod to neighborhood playgrounds.

YES Communities

Our goal was to draw employees into the office – a place where people could come for a little break or a more informal meeting. And just like we made friends as kids at the playground, this area is also intended to provide opportunities to build a sense of community for the team members at YES.

We’re over the moon with the results on this project and we can’t wait to see what YES Communities accomplishes in their new home.

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