Next Level Details

an athlete pushing a weighted sled at Next Level

When you step into a space that has been purposefully designed to embody a brand’s values, you may not immediately spot the difference – but you can feel it. Our space for Next Level is a great example.

One of our favorite aspects of this design honors the physical therapy and sports performance training facility’s most important tradition. Each time an athlete reaches their goal, their flag is raised – whether that’s a pro or collegiate sports team, a military flag or the flag of their organization. This honors the athlete’s and coaches’ hard work while providing a little extra motivation for those competitors still grinding for their goals. 

We kept the rest of the design purposefully neutral to complement the natural pops of color and visual interest the various flags bring into the space. 

A custom ceiling element for the entryway, crafted with reclaimed trailer decking and painted slats, draws the eye up, further emphasizing the flags.

Sports performance training or recovery from an injury takes a great deal of work and determination. Similar to commercial interior design, the best results are achieved when a dedicated team comes together with commitment to a common goal. And in the end, we’re all cheering for this incredible transformation! 

You can see more images of the space in our project profile here. 

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