project specs

865 N Albion St

40,000 SF

Tenant Improvement

Industry: Energy


Executing the design of a new 40,000 SF office in the middle of a pandemic was no small feat, but between our team and the pros at NGL Energy Partners, we pulled off a fresh, modern space for their employees to return to in 2021. NGL was moving from their offices in Cherry Creek and taking over three floors in the new 9th and Colorado development. They wanted each floor to reflect their high-end, sophisticated aesthetic without ever becoming stuffy.  

The biggest challenge in the design of this space was the long, narrow floorplate. For maximum functionality, offices were placed at the perimeter, but that left us with a skinny corridor that ran the expanse of the floor. To keep the space from feeling like a tunnel, we created interest and a sense of movement in the ceiling in the form of wood-look baffles that lend an undulating effect and a warmth to the otherwise exposed ceiling.

A timeless, neutral color palette makes for a soothing and cohesive experience across the three floors with differentiated color and pattern treatments as you exit each elevator to support wayfinding. NGL was thrilled to give their employees an updated and modern space to come back to, and we are proud to have supported a smooth transition to an inspiring space after a trying year.

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