project specs

Denver, Colorado

33,414 SF

Office Remodel

Industry: Health Technology


The team at Ortho-Fi had outgrown their current space, which had them split between floors. Together, we landed on a unique opportunity for the forward-thinking tech company: an old Ford Model-T assembly plant with a rich history in Denver. Our design blends the early 1900s warehouse-style architecture and history with OrthoFi’s modern branding to create a fun, flexible environment with a strong sense of place.

Working on the first floor of a 106-year-old building proved a significant design challenge. Through extensive, yet careful demolition, we met the high-density programming requirements without losing the charm of the historic space.

We designed 1,600-square-foot “Town Hall” space with stadium seating to accommodate the company’s 200 employees. To make this space a draw for employees, Elsy’s design deliberately kept workstations simple. By providing a variety of areas in which to work, the design encourages collaboration and empowers employees to choose the work environment that best suits their needs.

“Resi-mercial” areas close to employee workstations with coffee, games and adult beverages provide opportunities for employees to connect and recharge. The end result is a space that both celebrates the historic character of the building and exemplifies OrthoFi’s innovative culture.

Services provided

Programming, Space Planning, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Administration, Furniture Coordination, Finish Selection, Branding Collaboration