Putting our Design Skills to Work for We Care

Coming together to give back to our community has always been part of our culture at Elsy, and while it’s more of a challenge in the age of social distancing, we feel it’s more important than ever to find ways to make a difference.

That’s why our team jumped at the opportunity to participate in a new We Care event to help local families. As you may recall, We Care is typically a holiday event. Every December, Herman Miller partners with local Boys and Girls Clubs across America to bring holiday cheer to thousands of children across the country. Our team has partnered with We Care for many years now to create a craft that kids can give to their family members as a gift. These events are held in nearly 30 cities with help from more than 200 of the country’s leading interior design firms.

This year, Herman Miller stepped up to create a new event in response to the current pandemic. Together, we helped create reusable face masks that are designed especially for younger kids, aged 3-5. Between our Master Seamstress, Elsy Principal Cathy Loftus, and our dedicated team members who volunteered to hand-cut the masks, we were able to create and donate three dozen masks for local kiddos! A huge shout-out to the Elsy families who helped out as well. Senior Project Manager Juliana Rini’s mom made 11 homemade masks for the cause!


If you’re interested in finding ways to partner with a nonprofit to help families in need, visit We Care to learn more!

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