Staged to Impress

Staged to Impress

Cresset Capital’s office capitalizes on its sweeping views

Sublease staging is more important than ever as short-term leases have gained popularity during the pandemic. With many companies reevaluating their officing needs, we’re seeing a lot more requests for support in either staging a space to attract a sublease tenant or customizing a space for sublease.

If you’re trying to make sure your space stands out on the sub-lease market, here are a couple quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Create a great first impression, starting with the elevator lobby. Strive for an open and welcoming first impression. Remove old elevator lobby doors if feasible per building code requirements.
  • Update old and outdated lighting with new, energy-efficient LED fixtures.
  • Stage a welcoming lounge area with furniture and lamps to provide a sense of scale and an opportunity to sit down and take a phone call or have a quick cup of coffee.
  • Capitalize on natural light offered by the windows and provide clear open views to mountains, tree canopies or any other outdoor features that are unique to the property.
  • Mind the temperature and visibility – Tours are not the time to turn off the air. Open all the blinds and make sure the HVAC system is running. No one wants to go on a dark, hot tour of a space – especially with mask on in the summer!
  • Stage a sales area and coffee stops along the tour route so that potential tenants are engaged throughout the tour.
  • Make sure COVID-19 precautions are followed to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.

These basic steps will help you create an inviting atmosphere as potential tenants learn more about the space, which will encourage them to take their time, get a true feel for the space and give serious consideration to occupying it.

Recently subleased a space yourself? We’ve got advice for you too! Stay tuned for our next post, we’ll give you some ideas and strategies for really customizing the space to your company’s needs, brand and culture.

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