Mary brings extensive experience in financial advising, management and reporting to her role as controller at Elsy. Employing her strong analytical skillset, Mary oversees the firm’s financial planning and performance, and daily accounting duties.

Working closely with Elsy’s project managers, Mary monitors project performance to ensure we are executing within the project budget. In addition to her financial expertise, Mary has proven skilled at identifying savings opportunities to drive profitability for our firm, setting us on a path to achieve our vision for the future.

Prior to joining Elsy, Mary served as a consultant for a variety of enterprises, where she provided financial advising, general ledger and financial reporting. She also held a key role as the manager of finance for Montreux Energy, BOLDI and Aspen Flying Club and Training Facility.

Outside of Elsy, Mary loves to sharpen her leadership and communication skills by facilitating leadership development courses, and enjoys staying active through her love of running and rollerblading.

Education, Awards & Accreditation

  • Master’s degree in human resources management from Regis University
  • Master’s degree in project management from Regis University
  • Bachelor’s degree in organizational development from Regis University